Friday August 30th will forever be a day that’s edged in my heart & soul.


It was the evening of my birthday dinner & celebration of life gathering that was originally planned as an intimate dinner affair for approximately a dozen people.

7 Days before my birthday as I began to reflect, particularly over the last 7 years and the people I had met as a result of being their Grow Personal Success Coach or mentor, I realised that I was incredibly grateful for the faith, trust and belief these individuals had placed in me in order to support them on their journey of personal development and growth.


It dawned on me that many of these individuals were now like my extended family.
So with 5 days to go to the event I sent out an email invite expecting that with such short notice only a handful of people would show up, nevertheless I wanted more than anything to convey my gratitude so we sent it anyway.


A night filled with powerful emotions, family & great friends


To my surprise on the day we were filled to capacity, actually worrying if there was going to be enough food for our 60 guests. After the dinner we had planned for some live music but our musicians experienced transport issues and so we had some space which Glenys utilised by making a short speech and invited others who wanted to say a few impromptu words to come to front and address our guests.


That’s when the magic occurred, as people began to share the way in which they said I had contributed to their life, the room was transformed into a space filled with the spirit of love. It was very emotional, especially the words shared by Khalilah our 1st Lady GPS Ambassador who shared her story of her journey back to life from a slow death. But it was the words from my very own son that impacted me the most.


Click The Image Below To Hear What Josh Had To Say

You see almost exactly 27 years ago to the month I had lost everything I owned including access to my son and daughter. As my son spoke about what he had witnessed of that incredibly challenging journey he ended by acknowledging that he was now the same age I was back then and declared he was not sure he was strong enough to endure what I had endured whilst being responsible for 2 little children.


Here’s The Song That Has Guided My Footsteps Over The Last 40 Years 


Days later one of my conversations I had with my spiritual mentor Bro Ismael Tetteh dawned on me, where he had taught me that often your life challenge is simply life’s creative way of presenting you with the opportunity to prove to no one other than yourself, who you really are. 


The question I’d like to ask you is what is your current challenge that seems insurmountable right now, it could just be life’s golden opportunity for you dressed up in disguise.

I also have fully come to appreciate the power of coaching because I know I could not have achieved half the things accomplished if not for the words of wisdom and counsel received from my coach and mentor Bro Ishmael over the last 3 decades.


As a result, I am excited to announce that we are introducing 2 new programmes in our effort to take the benefits of coaching to a wider audience within our community and society.


  1. GPS Foundation Course: For those who would like to be introduced to the world of benefits derived from coaching.
  2. The Ambassadors Programme: Where we seek to train people like Khalilah who wish to become a specialist coach as well as working with existing coaches, introducing the holistic Coaching methodology of The GPS System.


There are only 10 places available for each of these courses and as a special gift we are prepared to cover up to 70% off the course fees by way of investing in you. Yes, you only have to pay 30% of the course fees and even that can be paid by monthly instalments and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The best part is Ambassadors that are recruited will be trained on how to make an income from this tried, tested and proven way of helping others.Your experiences makes you an expert and people can actually learn from you.

To register your interest CLICK HERE


We believe we have found a way to help you gain clarity about your vision of success using the GPS System Holistic Coaching methodology, why not give it a try, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

Join our family and become part of The R.I.C.H Society, a growing community of Conscious individuals committed to empowering people to live Success filled lives with purpose.


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