I could not make this up even if I tried. 

I shared on Saturday 31st July 2021 during our Book Study Club that following my Friday Morning reflections I had received a “download” that we were officially entering the season of harvest.  

The very next day, as if right on cue, 3 women of colour demonstrated the power of the feminine energy in what is being called the greatest women’s 100m race of all time.

They, Elaine Thompson-Herah (Gold), Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Silver) and Shericka Jackson (Bronze) also happen to represent JAMAICAN PEOPLE who have for centuries been used and abused, but now, Jamaican people all over the world got to experience one of their finest moments on the world stage of the Olympics games.

They TOGETHER have made history in a way that none of them could have achieved individually. This symbolises and illustrates the shift towards a spirit of more community based living that has begun to emerge since last year as written in my blog of Dec 2020 http://www.tonydada.com/new-day-dawning/

All 3 collectively did something that none of them could ever achieve on their own, symbolising the rising of the feminine energy as a power and force of nature to be reckoned with (oneness and unity are qualities of the feminine energy). For those who are “tapped in” the message to humanity is very clear

“We HUMANITY achieve more through the spirit of unity, harmony and oneness than could ever be achieved trying to do solo. It’s now time to start living this way”.

For all who see this sign understand, that which has been suppressed or hidden whether from women, the young, people from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds, or so called ethnic communities, this is your time, this is your season,

This is your harvest season time to reap the benefits of your labour. You have toiled and paid the price of sacrifice but as these ladies demonstrated you must now work hard on yourself yet again in this your season to actualise your gifts, talents and abilities.

At the beginning of last year I shared in one of my blogs that the seeds we sowed in 2020 could affect our lives for the rest of the decade, that is to say they bear positive or negative fruits. http://www.tonydada.com/the-way-forward/

The seeds I was referring to were seeds sown in our minds that would produce a new or refined attitude, mindset or a different way of thinking which would require faith, belief, creativity, imagination and vision, all of which are often described as feminine qualities of the mind. Yet produce a new way of being.

Now is the time to get to work on YOU so you can gather and harvest the fruits from a new way of thinking.

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Enjoy one of my favorite songs that I’ve been singing this year ‘Lots of Signs’ By Tenor Saw

During the month of August our focus is on Health and we will be looking at the importance of making sure we look after our bodies with special guests. 

Forthcoming Events

6th August: Hamilton “Omowale” Farrell who joins me this Friday 6th introducing the Importance of taking the right vitamins and minerals so as to optimise our immune system.

13th August: Simon Rogers who has helped thousands of people solve long-standing physical pain as well as mental and emotional challenges leading them to go on to live more successful and fulfilling lives. 

20th August: Derin Bepo is a health motivator, health pioneer, researcher and avid promoter of natural lifestyle. Medicinal herbs and anti ageing lifestyle and processes.

He specialises in many natural health disciplines: Detoxification, Herbal Medicine, Raw Food Nutrition, Plant Compound Extract, Fasting and Health Mentoring.

Derin is extremely passionate about natural health, raw food nutrition,  anti-ageing and utilising the power & potency of herbs God’s gifted to mankind.

We culminate our health focus at the end of the month with our annual RICH Society Members Fun day on Saturday 28th August where we celebrate 3 birthdays in one, Natty, Glenys and mine. If you’d like to join us email info@tonydada.com.

The R.I.C.H Society Book Study Club – August 14th @9am

Our latest Book Study Club began on 5th June 2021. We are studying the book ‘The Way Forward – Practices for Empowered Living’ by Bro Ishmael Tetteh. It is a practical radical and innovative new way of thinking, living and being, for total harmony with oneself and with life.

If you are not a Book Study Club Member you can get your membership here: www.dadarichsociety.com/richmembership

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