Exactly 7 days ago I woke up ready to start my 3 day Business training at the Sage Business School.

I had booked myself on to the course, which was priced at £1,750 having visualised the achieving of two main objectives:

  1. To meet the man Peter Sage himself,  as I wanted to check him out and see if he was the real deal, as I had been impressed with some of the videos I had watched on YouTube.
  2. To meet someone who was good at driving traffic to websites and landing pages that I could possibly work with.

However before heading to the seminar room as part of my daily morning ritual I hit the gym first.

What happened over the next 15 minutes blew me away.

It was 6:00am as I made my way down to the gym as I had been told the night before that this was the time the gym opened.

As I walked through the gym to start on a piece of apparatus I heard a voice behind me that I recognised.

I turned round and to my surprise it was Peter Sage doing a work out with a young man called Tyson. Little did I know the impact that this meeting would have on my entire weekend.


I introduced myself Peter was being his usual self, supporting and coaching Tyson as to the best way to train when short of time. It was easy for me to join in. soon we were all training together.

I quickly realised that Peter was “for real” – he lives what he teaches.

That set me up for what I can only describe as one of the most intense 3 days of learning with Peter along with his Mentor Errol or “Big E” as I like to call him (a Billionaire) and other guest speakers as he delivered over 40 hours of teaching across the 3 days.

I met some incredible people during these 3 days amongst the 400 attendees some of whom had flown from as far afield as Australia. On my table was David Webb who was from New Zealand (I think), Will Lane (from Atlanta)  Lukasz Krason and his lovely wife from Poland. and my Accountability Buddy Tyson Wongz who I had met earlier in the gym.


By the end of the 3rd day in a 3min chat with Peter I shared with him an idea which was inspired through a 5 min conversation with Big E who I had been introduced to by Tyson. As “Buddy” and as we got to know each other better he told me that he was mentored by Errol and would introduce me to him which left me thinking “wow” but then he went on to blow me away by telling me that he specialized in traffic generation using facebook, 1 of my key objectives for attending.

When I did eventually speak with Peter and Big E, both gave me their contact details after a few minutes of conversation.

Within 3 days I was communicating with both of them and held a Skype meeting with Peter on Wednesday morning, where it was confirmed that we both shared a passion to Educate and Empower people, particularly young adults through mentoring & coaching personally as well as in business with the belief that this would start a ripple effect lifting the consciousness of humanity through the younger generations.


I shared the fact that I was holding an event, which was sponsored by the Royal bank of Scotland to be staged at their headquarters in central London and invited Peter to attend. To my surprise he accepted rescheduling a flight on that day so he could attend.  I am excited about the possibilities ahead.

If you would like to attend our event ‘The GPS Inspiration Awards” and have a chance to speak with Peter over some food and drink with some music then I am making 10 Free tickets available. Simply click the link below. www.tonydada.com/awards

The GPS Awards now in its 4th year was started to recognise graduates from the Grow Personal Success (GPS) Mentoring & Coaching programme who believe they, or someone they know have a story about pursuing their personal vision of success that may inspire others to do the same.

The biggest takeaway for me by attending this event was that as my spiritual mentor told me over 30 years ago “There will come a time when humanity will begin to wake up from their slumber” and I have been privileged to see a glimpse of this vision at this event.

I also saw proof that the “Law of attraction” IS REAL when we set clear intentions. In hindsight I could have gone home after my training session at 6:30 because I had achieved my 2 objectives.

Thank you Peter Sage and the entire Sage Team for an inspirational, educational weekend.

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