During this month we have been holding our weekly webinars “Friday MINDreSET Live” where the theme for the month has been RELATIONSHIP.

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The relationship between a mentor or coach and the person they support is a very important one, I should know I’ve been a student of metors for almost 4 decades.

I first met my spiritual Mentor & Coach Bro Ishmael Tetteh 37 years ago during a period when I was a young, naive and a homeless teenager who was also part of a gang. This relationship may have literally saved my life and inspired me to do the work I do today “Empowering people to live fulfilled lives.” 


My Spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh


I first met Business Coach Errol Abramson in 2015, he was a retired businessman who had run 47 successful businesses over a period spanning more than 50 years. We met at a personal development event where he was one of the speakers sharing his vision to help small business owners grow their business. He had learnt a thing or two, his business acumen had gained him billionaire status.

During the year of 2017 we began to speak more often as we developed our friendship and then one day he offered to become my business coach. Our relationship developed so well he suggested that we work together in supporting entrepreneurs through delivery of Mastermind sessions to groups of individuals. With him providing business support and I providing personal support.  Sadly he was taken ill, admitted into hospital and died in October 2020 before we could get our partnership off the ground.


Tony Biola DADA with his Business Mentor Errol Abramson and British Gold Medalist Derrick Redmond


In memory of Errol Abramson I’d like to share a few of his Mantras:

  1. Nothing begins until something is sold: As an entrepreneur your first job is to create your product and find a market or audience who will happily buy from you.
  2. Don’t get stuck in the Town called “Busy-ville”: Being busy does not necessarily mean one is being productive. Identify as a priority the tasks that must be done each day in order to ensure that your day has been productive.
  3. Having a mentor or coach literally Adds Years To Your Life: Few people understand that having a mentor or a coach ensures that you are not wasting time, money and stressing yourself out trying to figure things out by yourself. Finding someone who is further along the path you want to tread who has a track record and is willing to support you is worth its weight in gold.
  4. “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins” – This mantra enabled him to run 47 companies all successfully. Was this feat easy? Of course not, but he never sold a business without turning it into profit before selling.

Contrary to common belief a mentor/coach needs support too. Errol would tell me stories of his Mastermind group where he was the youngest member (at 70 years of age) with some members still attending at age 90 and he said he would always spend more time listening than speaking and always paying the dinner bill.

Genevieve Gresset is a coach and mentor of a different kind, she has over twenty five years of experience in mentoring/coaching and supporting people with their Relationship and Dating lives.

She has also provided coaching, training and consultancy for clients, employees, directors, entrepreneurs, MP’s and senior leaders in a range of practices, supporting them both personally and professionally to reach their goals.

Her skills were recently on display when together with colleagues Paul Brunson and Dr. Angela Smith as the matchmaking team on ‘Married at 1st Sight’ broadcast on Channel 4, they broke all kinds of records.

On Friday 27th November join us as we talk about
How To Create & Keep Authentic & Healthy Relationships In All Areas Of Your Life

Mastermind Groups In 2021

In January 2021 I will be running a series of Mastermind groups over a six moth period in the following areas:

  • Mastermind group with a focus on Personal Growth
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Business Growth
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Relationships for singles and couples (in partnership with Genevieve)
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Relationship within the workplace including between different ethnic groups (in partnership with Genevieve)

If you would like to supercharge your 2021 register your interest for any of these areas by clicking the link and completing the form to receive further information – https://forms.gle/MygEYoKf5eymbZUF6

Forthcoming Events


Friday 27th November
How To Create & Keep Authentic & Healthy Relationships In All Areas Of Your Life

  • Are you tired of being single?
  • Are you finding it difficult to meet someone to begin a meaningful relationship with?
  • Has your relationship taken a back seat or been significantly impacted due to lockdown?
  • Do you even know what love is anymore?

Join us as we sit down and discuss the heart of the matter where love is concerned as well as give you the chance to have your personal questions answered.

You can register for this Webinar (and receive a reminder) by going to www.dadarichsociety.com/FridayMindreset or join us on Facebook or Instagram



Monday 30th November
How To Live Your Vision

In memory to Errol who taught me how to grow my vision into a successful business I will be running another webinar on Monday 30th November where you will get your last chance to enrol on the MINDreSET Course in 2020. Take Action now because 2021 may be too late. I will be sharing some of the tools I used to discover and live my purpose in the hope that you can glean some universal principles and spiritual laws which you can employ to discover and live your purpose.

I will also share and answer any questions on our Investment and Bursary Scheme which will support up to 20 individuals who want to ensure that 2021 is the year that you begin to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.



I am going to inspire YOU to Action, because…

“The Highest Human Act Is To Inspire”
Nipsey Hussle

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