Watching Channel 4 news yesterday I saw that the concerns I had, which I raised 6 months ago, are now beginning to play out. With the rise of the second wave of COVID-19 we are now being told that the death toll could be even more than during the first wave. Business owners and entrepreneurs across the UK and Europe are seeing the prospect of losing their livelihoods as businesses are forced to close, whilst people who have recently or are due to come off the furlough scheme are now worrying about getting another job. Statistics are showing that it is the youth and people of colour who are already and will continue to be most adversely affected. 

Believe it or not I have been preparing for this for the last 7 years and can tell you that this does not have to be your story or your fate and that you do not have to be stressed out, there is a way out of this mess, but it requires you to get creative. Unfortunately there is no other alternative.

Here’s the clip from Channel 4 news

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Get Creative or perish it’s that simple.


Let me illustrate by way of a perfect example, take Genevieve who I met approximately 7 years ago (we hit it off instantly). She is passionate about helping and supporting people in relationships. Genevieve is a “Matchmaker”. Over time I began working and supporting her to get super clear on her passion, vision and purpose. On getting super clear she realised that she had to “honour and be true to herself”. It was one of the most challenging periods of her life.


Grow Personal Success (GPS) Testimonial video from Genevieve

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Yesterday we had a chat, she was buzzing and sent me an Instagram message (see below) as she had just come from celebrating the end of the Channel 4 TV series “Married At First Sight” where she along with Psychologist Dr Angela Smith and dating expert Paul Brunson supported the singles as the team of experts.


How did she do that you may ask? To find out click the link and read Paul’s recent Instagram post on how this team broke records by using the power of visioning. You won’t believe it.

Paul’s Instagram Post –


I am planning to invite Genevieve as my special guest at the end of November when we will talk about all things relationships. How to love YOU unconditionally and attract nothing less than quality authentic relationships.

Pencil Friday 27th November in your diary!


The Power of getting clear and holding a vision can not be overstated in these challenging times and because we are working with Universal timeless Principles this holds true for any important area of your life you wish to create a vision for, whether this be relationships, personal, professional, or business. In Genevieve’s case every important area of her life has been positively impacted and yours can too.   

The other noticeable fact on the show was that this team consisted of 2 women with a man of colour as the head dating expert all 3 coming from groups that previously have been under represented in this space. Proving my point that I have been saying for the last 7 years.

“The world has changed forever, everything looks the same but nothing is the same and unless you learn the new rules of the game aint no way you’re gonna win.”

Your ability to create your vision is a critical part of your success. Interestingly this is not taught in Schools, Colleges or at University but we, through the DADA Network and the DADA Success Academy, are changing that.

We were prepared for 2020 and the challenges it brought and invited others to learn how they could also prepare for the challenges ahead through visioning and a MINDreSET (changing the way you think about yourself and your environment).

Watch this video clip of the event we staged in association with Middlesex University on 1st of February 2020.



Join me tomorrow at the MINDreSET for Winners Webinar and I will introduce to you the power of your vision and how you can not just create but LIVE your vision. Come with an open mind and a pen or pad so that you can take lots of notes and ask lots of questions. If you can’t make tomorrow (Friday 30th October) at 8pm register anyway and we will send you the recording the following day so you can watch it over the weekend and claim a special gift.



This will be one of the most important webinars I have ever done because as I have been saying from the beginning of the year the mindset you create in 2020 will affect what you experience during the remainder of this decade. Set yourself up so that you give yourself the best chance to be able to live your vision. (Read the 1st blog of 2020 and my predictions for the year)


My First Blog of 2020 –



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