I hope you have all had a productive and impactful first quarter. The world around us seems to be erupting in all directions, from political/social scandals among the social elites to tragedies that rock our fragile communities to the passing of many great talents and minds.

We are hopeful that this level of ”churn” will make way for a world that is more holistic, inclusive, nurturing, considerate and ultimately more loving. We are all being challenged to find new and better ways of living a conscious life. Our work at the DADA Success Academy is only at the beginning.

The team have been “event out” during January – March. We have been leading and participating in a host of workshops, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, filming sesions etc. We have used April as a period of reflection and consolidation of our work.

We will be concentrating on building our R.I.C.H (Realising the Impossible & Creating Happiness) Membership community over the next 6-12 months and will be actively reaching out to members and all of our supporters to help us. We can’t do it without you!


Member’s Actions!!


GPS Bursary Places Available: There are 2 places left on the next cohort of GPS level 1 programme. One person will be offered under our bursary scheme, which entitles the student to receive up to 40% off the fees if you meet our bursary criteria. Deadline for all enquires is the 9th May 2018 at 5PM, send your email to: info@tonydada.com

Next Discovery session sponsored by NatWest bank: Our next session will be on 30th May 2018 in London. Contact us to find out more and book your place: info@tonydada.com

Whatsapp group: We want to set up a Whatsapp group from mid May to encourage GPS students/graduates and RICH Members to start connecting.
Are you interested? If so let us know at: info@tonydada.com


In the Spotlight


R.I.C.H Membership: We have spent the last month talking to new and long standing members to find out what more we can do to make having R.I.C.H Membership a “must have”. Thank you for your honesty and helpful suggestions as to how we could achieve this, we have taken your comments on board with our refined model.

We currently have a small community of R.I.C.H members, which we would like to grow organically over the next 6-12 months. With Membership we aim is to advance our emotional well being and grow our businesses, through nurturing a collaborative, supportive and learning community of like minded individuals.

We have refined our membership offer and would love to have your comments about the offer once you read the details or for you to renew your membership. Click here for more details/Feedback at: info@tonydada.com


Raise your profile

  • Do you have a story you want to share?
  • Would you like to raise the profile of your business with other members?
  • Do you want to network more with other members and our associates?

If yes, we would love to run a regular feature to showcase the range of businesses, talents/skills we have among our members. So drop us a line and we will contact you to discuss further at: info@tonydada.com.

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