Just over 2 weeks ago I returned from an impromptu trip to Chicago as recommended by my Business Mentor Errol Abramson, where I attended the “Rain Maker Summit” delivered by Powerteam International CEO Bill Walsh, a serial entrepreneur who just happened to be mentored by Errol almost 30 years ago. Now, he is teaching entrepreneurship in 30 countries and teaming up with Errol in order to extend to the UK, Europe and even further afield. 

All this is in line with Errol’s vision to create a global community of 100 Million entrepreneurs.

Click on the image below for a short clip of Errol sharing his vision with the students in Chicago.


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A few tips I learned and observed whilst on the Rainmaker Programme with Bill Walsh:


Intellectual Property

  1.    We all have great intellectual property (knowledge and information which is unique to us as a result of our unique life experience) however only a few people are willing to invest in getting the expertise to help us extract that intellectual property and package it so that it can be of benefit to others.  When you do this successfully people will pay you for “your stuff”. As if by magic you have now monetised your intellectual property and will begin to be recognised as an expert.


The Power of Focus and Attention

  1.    A Universal Law that also applies in Business “Whatever you feed with your attention grows in your life” so change the negative thoughts and conversations into affirmations and declarations. 


 Start-up Business Success

  1.    How to build a 2 year business. SCHEDULE FOR YOUR SUCCESS. If you try to get RICH quick you’ll go broke faster.


Your Vision & Mission

  1.    As taught on the Grow Personal Success – Holistic Mentoring & Coaching Programme, Bill also confirmed that your Passion can lead you to you Purpose, which helps you see your Vision more clearly which eventually leads you to embark on your Mission. So get super clear on your VISION = What you want to see achieved at the highest level and your Mission = How you gonna get there.


The Power of Social Impact 

  1.    Social IMPACT = Currency of the future. This confirmation was huge for me. Errol’s vision of a 100 million entrepreneur community will consist of a large number of youth, the next generation some of whom will get training for free, along with single mums who will learn how to create and run a home-based business. 


 Grow Personal Success in to Business Success

  1.    Just like Rhonda Burne  (creator of The Secret) had the vision to bring The Secret to the UK and Europe after launching in the US for people on a quest for deeper personal/spiritual development, Errol and Bill have a vision to bring the Rainmaker Summit to the UK and I want to ensure that it’s made available to all sections of our community.



Grow Personal Success Holistic Group Mentoring and Coaching programme 

Although the above tips are for business they apply equally for those wanting to focus on personal development and so we are excited to bring you a pilot project the Grow Personal Success Holistic Group Mentoring and Coaching programme where you’ll learn how to gain more clarity for each of the 5 SUCCESS pillars particularly in the area of Faith and Finance.

Business Mastermind

Business Mastermind is a pilot group project for Entrepreneurs, where you will have access to regular monthly sessions where Errol will also join us to offer you advice and tips about how you can grow your business.

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