For decades I had held the vision of creating a community of Conscious individuals who were Consciously aware that caring and sharing with others is how we truly get to grow and evolve. 

However during this the 9th month of the year my vision was to blow up in front of my eyes.

The Month of September is always the best month of the year for me and this September was no exception.

On Friday 4th of September we staged our first Friday Facebook Live for the month and this month the Success Pillar was MINDSET. By the end of the session as we prepared to go into our private members only session, a lady by  the name of Chanttel was trying to join the R.I.C.H Society so that she could join in the discussion. She was successful. 

However a few days later (Mon 7th) she posted what seemed like a cry for help in our WhatsApp group as she battled with depression. What followed next was a joy to witness. There was a flurry of posts within the group as people, Chanttel had never set eyes on, came to her rescue in the form of support, love and words of kindness.  It literally ignited and took the group to a whole new level. Within 24 hours Chanttel had bounced back even stronger, amazed and inspired by the support and love she received. 

Fast forward to the end of the month and listen to what others along with Chanttel had to say about the R.I.C.H Society. Chanttel had lost her voice but insisted on appearing on camera whilst someone read her words out for her.


Check out the testimonials and see for yourself what some of our members had to say about their new found “Soul Family” – CLICK HERE


Due to the success of the MINDreSET for Winners webinar we will be repeating it on Friday 30th October, to join Register Here.  

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