What is the biggest single killer of men under the age of 50 in the UK?

The answer to this question might shock you.

A couple of nights ago I was watching the Channel 4 News when I heard the reporter speaking to a young gentleman called Professor Green whose father had taken his own life.

I was shocked to hear that the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK was suicide.

That’s right “suicide”.

Then immediately the penny dropped.

My Mentor

My mentor had often said to me “son” (as he has mentored me for over 30 years), “Isn’t it funny” he continued, “that the greatest gift God has given to man is his mind, yet man does know or take the time to understand how it works or how best to use it?”

I have also come to understand from my mentor that if you possess something of power and do not manage it, it will eventually become a problem and take over your life and that’s what was happening in the cases resulting in these suicide numbers.

The ah-ha moment for me was the realisation that vast sections of our society are silently suffering as a result of conflicting mental dialogue.

It is said that we have between 30,000 – 50,000 thoughts per day, that’s a lot of thinking. However for the average person most of those thoughts are negative. In the words of world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown “If you do not condition your mind, your mind will become conditioned”

What Les Brown is saying here is that if left unchecked the way society impacts us on a psychological level is, for the most part to have us living in a state of fear.

As a result many of us are walking around with what I call a “POVERTY MIND-SET” and through my mentoring and coaching programme I often prove it quite early on during the sessions.

You see most of us spend most of those 30k – 50k thoughts each day thinking negative thoughts about ourselves like I am too fat, I am too slim, I am too tall, I am too short, I hate my job, I am worried about what my partner might say about this, I am worried that I might upset my boss etc.

Poverty Mind-Set

This kind of thinking is what I refer to as “POVERTY MIND-SET “ because this kind of thinking reduces you and day after day with this kind of repetitive thinking you literally wear yourself out.

Everywhere throughout society from tabloids, to the cinema, billboards, literally from the moment you step out your front door in the morning there are messages coming at you as to who and how you are supposed to be.

If you do not have a clear sense of self then you will loose yourself in all this noise.

During the TV news report Professor Green stated that one of the problems for men was in the early stages of our evolution a man’s life was simple. The only thing that man was stressed about as a hunter was ensuring that he could provide food for the family.

In today’s modern society Professor Green stated man is stressing about everything, work, bills, relationships, how to be a man etc and if there is no book on the subject how does one straighten out this mess in ones head?

Robin Williams

Robin Williams suicide last year shocked everyone but did we really grasp the seriousness of the problem? We are taught to live our lives backwards, chasing happiness not realising that happiness and peace of mind comes from the inside out.

In society today we have a big problem affecting both men and women but it would appear that because women talk about their issues more freely this is resulting in fewer suicides for them.

A recent behavioural study of offenders illustrated that the thought of committing a crime lingered in the mind for a long period before the act was actually committed.

The Solution

Les Brown’s statement is showing that there is only one way to combat this Poverty mind set and that is to construct a method where daily you condition your mind against the array of images that come at us through the media and other agencies

The news report brought home to me the real need for us to expand our work through our Grow Personal Success (GPS) Mentoring and Coaching Programme, making it more widely available and accessible.

One of the 1st rules of the mentoring programme which was born out of the book “The GPS System 7 Universal Principles for growing Personal Success” is to “keep it real with yourself”.

The 2nd rule is that you must honour your relationships particularly the relationship that we have with ourselves and as simple as it may seem, my studies over 30 years has revealed that more often than not people are walking around living one life outwardly and then living a completely different life in their head.

This kind of double-mindedness will eventually breakdown.

Finding Out More

Since running the GPS Mentoring programme over the last 2 years I have seen some incredible breakthroughs and transformations in many of the students lives where they now maintain a “Prosperous Mind-set” and even offer help to support others.

During our forthcoming GPS Awards on Friday 13th Novembers we will be acknowledging some of these ordinary people who are now living extra-ordinary lives.

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