In part 1 I emphasised the importance of creating your vision. In this blog (part 2) the emphasis is on once having found your vision, “committing to your vision.”


In August 2010 I made my 1st ever trip to Ghana taking with good friend Donald who was originally from Jamaica. We landed on the day of his 50th Birthday. As he set foot on African soil for the first time tears flowed as his Soul cried at his “Home coming”.


Little did I know that this trip would be life changing for me also. It was on this trip that I met and developed a kindred friendship with Michael Beckwith from The Secret (The Law of Attraction). He had brought almost 100 delegates from Agape, his spiritual organisation in the States. 

As part of this group I was introduced to Rev Deborah Johnson by my spiritual mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh, our host, who told me that she had a “prophetic gift”. I took his statement with a pinch of salt, I should have known better.


At one point during our interaction Deborah gave me a copy of her book “Your Deepest Intent” (a must read for anyone consciously on their Soul Journey). But before giving it to me she wrote inside the following inscription 


“To Anthony Abiola Dada
Step Into Your Life.
Your ministry is a blessing unto the world.
You are an only Begotten Son of the most High.
Live the sacred YES and BE your Deepest Intent.” 


As I read the words I was somewhat taken aback as I thought “OK powerful words but she’s doesn’t know me, in any case it’s a nice inscription”. I also found myself asking what is “the sacred yes” and what does “Be your deepest Intent” mean.  I had no clue what she was communicating until literally 12 months later when back in London, through a chain of events I found myself understanding and declaring the “Sacred Yes” and wanting to BE my Deepest Intent.


The “Sacred Yes” is a commitment to live in your truth, from your place of authenticity with the focus on being more of yourself and expressing your deepest intent, than trying to conform to the wishes of others .


What followed over the next 18 months took me on what I can only describe as “A Soul Journey”. The details and where this led me to I will save till part 3. But for now I want to focus on the moral of this story by first asking you a question.


Who do you surround yourself with or enjoy the company of because sometimes those people see “You” before you see you and call you out?


Your part is to see if what they call out matches up or is close to your secretly held vision and if it lines up, your job is to focus and just “BE” in every moment, but at the same time expressing that Deep Intent at every opportunity then observe your life unravel.


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