We have spent the last few weeks celebrating those who over the last 8 years have sought out a teacher to support them in their quest to transform their lives and as a result embarked on the GPS Holistic Mentoring and Coaching Programme.


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Do You Know How To Think? 

This might sound like a silly question but let me illustrate this through this story.

Over the weekend I visited my barber. Sitting in the chair we got talking as usual about business, money and success. He said he wanted to find someone to teach him these things.

I introduced the concept of Mentoring.

I shared how I knew some smart young people who had chosen not to go to University but rather to take some of their student loan and invest in a mentor. 

I gave an example of a person wanting to get into property. Rather than doing a degree in property management and getting north of £50,000 in debt as well as the 3 years invested, some were opting to find someone who was an expert in the field and had achieved success. Then choosing to offer them between £7,000 – £10,000 and to become their mentor and teach them how to get ahead in that particular industry. 

I asked him what kind of mentor he was looking for?

This sparked a series of questions but the one that stuck was “well how do you find a mentor to teach you about business, money and the business of making money?”

At this point I saw a golden opportunity to teach some “game”.

So I responded “Let’s do a deal? I will give you the game as to where and how you can find a mentor but it will cost you. My consultation fee is normally £400ph however since I’m in the chair I’ll charge you the price of this hair cut, so you can receive the money or you can receive the knowledge. What’s the deal?”


The barber laughed uncomfortably and then said let me think about it and for the next 15 minutes I saw him begin to agonise as to whether or not he should take the money or the knowledge. In the end he said “I’ll take the money”.  I smiled and then engaged in small talk until he had finished cutting my hair.

I rose out of the chair, paid him and then asked him “Prosperous thinking, Poverty thinking or Stinking thinking, which one do you think you have displayed here? He could not answer.


I explained that what had just taken place was an experiment where I wanted to demonstrate to him his thinking style which we had now discovered was not ”prosperous thinking”.  This he had illustrated in a number of ways:

  1. He did not see and seize the opportunity to invest in himself by way of leveraging his £15 pounds by a factor of  x26.66 (15 x 26.66 = £399 the normal fees charged for 1 hour)
  2. He had failed to recognise the rare and exclusive unbelievable discount of £385 I had presented to him to have a session with me. 
  3. He did not recognise that the very thing he said he was looking for, a Money/business Coach, was now right in front of him.
  4. He did not see the value in me and wanted to obtain money information for free.
  5. He did not employ the creative part of his mind to explore other possibilities other than the deal put in front of him in order to get what he wanted which was the knowledge. I asked why he did you not engage in negotiating with me? His face sunk. 

He spudded me and said I’ve learnt the lesson I need a mentor first to teach me how to think successfully.


People who Pay, Pay Attention 

This is why everyone in my opinion should engage in the MINDreSET course as it introduces a new way of holistic thinking. Not just logical thinking that is taught in school, college and university but more importantly, in my opinion, creative thinking.  Thus enabling you to use your whole mind when thinking about any of the important areas of your life (business and finances, relationships, as well as health and wellbeing).

Every 4 years the most talented sportsmen and women on the planet come together to compete in the Olympic games and no matter where they come from they all come with a coach because their coach is able to help them achieve levels of expertise and excellence that they could not achieve on their own. This illustrates a Universal principle which if works in the world of sport will work in any area of your life.

If you want to be the best in anything the fast and best way is to secure a coach or mentor in that field.  When you are hungry enough with the strong desire required, then and only then will the teacher appear.


A common theme I noticed from many who approached me was that it was only when things had become almost unbearable did they take action to seek out a new path for themselves.

Take Sharon who said “outwardly things looked fine but inwardly my world was crumbling


Michael who said “After completing the GPS Mentoring course I realised that for years unbeknown to me I had been practising what I now call stinking thinking. I am so glad I was able to change my mindset through this course” 


To watch the video interviews of these and other GPS Graduates visit the Tony D.A.D.A Youtube channel


If you would like to join the MINDreSET course starting 11th May contact glenys@growpersonalsuccess.com for more information

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