First Ever Future Leaders Festival  


This month we are on the verge of one of the biggest events to hit this country in decades as we prepare to crash out of the EU. Every business large or small, new start-s ups as well as aspiring entrepreneurs are going to be affected in some way shape or form. Not just business owners but management staff and employees with high aspirations may also be affected as we all try to understand this new terrain. 


I believe that we are witnessing the dawning of a new era in business here in the UK, where we will be forced to do business in a completely new, dynamic and creative way, that is if we wish to survive and certainly if we are planning to thrive.


I have just been contacted by Middlesex University to join forces with them in staging an event as part of the first ever Future Leaders Festival, week commencing 11th November.



What is Future Leaders Festival? 

Future Leaders Festival is an opportunity to showcase young leaders and inspire the next generation of professionals to make change happen.


Topics covered are likely to include

  1. The Future of Management is Inclusive. To include:
    • A workshop with real advice on an inclusive workplace for students and early career professionals 
    • What inclusivity looks like 
    • How to be an inclusive young leader 
  2. Ethics and morals in business: where do you stand? Where should you stand? 
  3. Workshop on difficult conversations – what did you learn? What can you learn? 
  4. Should you follow your passion? Hear two sides of the debate. 
  5. Learning doesn’t end when you cross the graduation line. An event focusing on the need for lifelong learning and tips on how to continue learning and keeping up-to-date after you graduate. 
  6. Diversity inclusion for real, not just the tick box exercise. 
  7. Women at the Top, why women must be more and better represented at the top.  


In my presentation I will show how The Grow Personal Success (GPS) System model will serve as a useful tool when trying to identify future skills, employability, as well as identifying management and leadership, essentially providing an alternative form of education for the individual who wants to become successful and bring their best version of themselves to their business or company on a daily service.


Below I recount a couple of stories that for me prove that the time has truly come for future leaders to step forward – ‘cause the world needs you’.


In 2005 I was approached to head up a Centre of Excellence for Music Technology, a department in one of South London’s biggest Colleges as part of a 200 million pound project delivered by the Learning Skills Council involving 200 other Centres of Excellence Colleges across the country. 


The role involved meeting senior company heads within the creative sector such as the Head of Loreal and the head of Apple UK, because these employers weren’t happy about the skills gap that existed. They wanted to understand why colleges were not able to produce enough suitable students with sufficient skills for them to employ in key positions, so as to fill this skills gap.


In fact during my one on one meeting with the then head of Apple UK I was led to understand that they were somewhat disillusioned with the current system and were seriously exploring creating their own pipeline. Remember this took place back in 2005.


He asked me a question which drove the point home. He said; “if two people came to me for a job one with a degree in computing and the other passionate about computers. Which one do you think I would employ?”

 Having a degree myself as a result of being raised on how important they were I said “The guy with the degree” to which he replied, “No, the guy who is passionate, why? Because our industry is moving at such a pace that what the chap learnt at University may have very little relevance by the time he gets to us”.  This simply but effectively showed me how employers were looking for employees who were excited to come to work every day. 


Once Employed the relationship between the employer and the employee will be very different in the future and the training and education to suit these changing times must be provided if companies and businesses are to thrive.


In the world famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he states –
“The future relationship between employers and their employees will be more in the nature of a partnership consisting of”;

  • The Employer
  • The Employee
  • The public they serve


“This new way of marketing personal services is called new for many reasons, first both the employer and the employee of the future will be considered as fellow-employees whose business it will be to serve the public efficiently.”


This requires new education and training to be able to embrace this paradigm shift in thinking and mindset to operate a company or business in this new way.


Back in 2016 I was asked to speak to International Business students who were on a trip sponsored by a company called Sodexo. After my presentation I was approached by the CEO who promptly invited me to have lunch with him. After several lunch meetings over a couple of months I discovered two very important facts:

  1. Sodexo at the time was the 18th largest employer on the planet 
  2. They were concerned about the number of senior staff they believed were suffering from “Imposter syndrome”

The CEO was very forward thinking and wanted me to deliver GPS workshops for these leaders to enable them to connect with themselves more authentically and thus connect with others as they had literally thousands of staff underneath them. 

He found our meetings useful. Sodexo became our corporate sponsor that year for our Inspirational GPS Awards sponsored by NatWest Bank.


For more details about Future Leaders visit

If you would like to attend our event on Wednesday 13th November at Middlesex University contact for more info.


Exciting times ahead.



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