The Field Of Infinite Possibilities

We are living in a New Era with New Rules and Infinite Possibilities that people are slowly waking up to. WE ARE ON A MISSION! To understand this vision and mission fully, listen to this impromptu performance of a song … Read More

Living Time Free, Financially Free & Location Free, Is Possible

I was recently invited to visit Dubai where one of the first graduates from the DADA Success Academy now resides. I went to visit to celebrate with him as he had made a huge step of moving from the UK, … Read More

6 Tips To Help Define Your Vision Of Your Future Self

The People You Spend Time With, Are Who You BecomeWho Are You Becoming? Now that’s an interesting question because before you can give an answer you must first have a vision of who you want to become. Sounds so simple … Read More

7 Steps To Cultivating A Wise MIND

A single vision has the power to change the trajectory of your whole life if you catch it with your mind then incubate it and nurture it through a “Wise Mind” until you manifest it as a reality…. I should … Read More


As you reflect on 2021 has it been a good year for you? To reflect on this fully you must take time out to take stock of the 5 key regions of your life which constitute your total Health & … Read More

Why You Need A MINDreSET For ABUNDANCE in 2022

What is a MINDreSET and why do you need to have one? A MINDreSET is as the word suggests, a resetting of the MIND (like you do when you have a car MOT) and in the title I suggest we … Read More

What Are You Living For (Part 2) – Are You Living Life Too Small?

In part 1 I emphasised the importance of creating your vision. In this blog (part 2) the emphasis is on once having found your vision, “committing to your vision.”   In August 2010 I made my 1st ever trip to … Read More

What Are You Living For (Part1) – Let’s Start With Your Vision

What are you living for? Now there is a question that stops most people in their tracks, so let me ask YOU directly as I believe this is the most important question we can ever ask ourselves.   Only a … Read More

The Rise Of The Feminine Energy: Health Wealth & Abundance

I could not make this up even if I tried.  I shared on Saturday 31st July 2021 during our Book Study Club that following my Friday Morning reflections I had received a “download” that we were officially entering the season … Read More

A Once In A Generation Opportunity

The week ending Saturday 12/06/2021 may well be the most important week of the year for me for a number of reasons that I will illustrate through this Blog. THE 1st reason may trigger a chain reaction that could eventually … Read More