Once you have created your vision how do you work that vision until it begins to manifest in your life?

I celebrated my birthday last month and was treated to a few surprise birthday gifts all of which I truly did appreciate.
However the surprise gift that created the most lasting memory was being taken out to lunch at Claridge’s in London with the most important young man in my life. My son Josh.

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Lunch at Claridge’s was really nice but it was the gesture and the person who had made it that made the celebration even more special, not because he picked up the tab but because as we talked about life I couldn’t help thinking how grateful I was for every moment we are able share together because there was a time we almost lost each other.

See 28 years ago he was snatched out of my life and for a while I thought I’d lost him forever. You might be curious to know the background story as to what happened and why.
I have decided to share this deeply personal story because I know that in the months that lie ahead many people will be faced with many challenges which may make you lose your hold on your vision. This story demonstrates how to create and hold your vision until it manifests. Whether this applies to you in your personal life, professional life or on your business journey makes no difference for what we are working with here is a Universal Law. It enhances your ability to turn challenges into opportunities however those challenge may present themselves.

See things may look and be nice now but 28 years ago I was in a dark place. I had recently lost everything and was homeless (for the second time) due to the breakdown of my relationship of 7 years with my children’s mother, who in her infinite wisdom had decided to use our two very young children as pawns to inflict me with maximum pain due to our relationship breakdown.

Why some women (sadly in increasing numbers i have discovered over the years) choose to tread this path will be content for another blog. How this played out was rather than going quite literally “insane” through depression and grief I created a clear vision which I completely believed in and got to work immediately working towards its manifestation harnessing my mind and heart together into a powerful force of intention.

The result was incredible within 6 months he was brought back to the UK and we began to rekindle our relationship. Then I was given access and able to have him stay with me every fortnight and eventually I gained full custody of both he and his sister and raised them as a single parent.

You see whether it’s personal, professional or in business there will always be challenges and your vision if established correctly will be like your compass keeping you on track and on course. Whatever comes in front of you by way of challenge will be a case of getting over it, around it, under it or even through it because you know where you are heading.

This experience helped me to identify one of my passions, fighting against injustice towards those in society who are defenceless and as a result led to me setting up a not for profit organisation that invested close to 2 million pounds supporting young people from across the UK to find their voice.

So you see, rising to your challenge allows you to tap into the greatness lying latent within you which needs to be shaken in order to be unleashed.

Here are my tips so that once having created your Vision you stay faithful to it until it begins to manifest

  1. Understand why that vision is important and must be realised. Do not make the why just about you and your desires, who else benefits from your realised vision.
  2. Focus and make your vision the thing that you hold (in your minds eye) and see constantly, not paying too much attention to the things that your eyes see.
  3. Write your vision and your “why” down, reading it over a minimum of twice daily, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  4. Start taking “Baby steps’ ‘ doing whatever you can do to move you closer to the realised vision.
    Surround yourself with people who you can share your vision with who can and will support you in some way.
  5. I strongly recommend finding a coach or mentor who has particular experience in your area of need.
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