Two paths will emerge in the coming weeks and months, one path will lead people who follow this path to experience new levels of joy, success, wealth, abundance and love. Those that travel on the other path will begin to experience more difficulty and challenges around work, job security, loneliness, peace of mind, health and general well being. What determines the path we take? Our Conscious Awareness and our belief system.

As you know this month we have been looking at the Success Pillar of the MIND. Last week we held our final webinar for 2020 where we talked in more detail about Conscious Awareness. Click the link to watch – MINDreSET For Success

It features a new song released on Friday which I received from a friend of mine Tony Momrelle entitled “Best Is Yet To Come”.

This inspirational song could not come at a more poignant time and seems to be almost  prophetic.


Signs Of A New Dawn

A huge astrology shift took place for the first time in 20 years on 21st December which will produce an energy shift in the atmosphere that will influence human kind.  It’s called the ‘grand conjunction’ and describes specifically the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn.


It will be the first Jupiter and Saturn conjunction since 2000, and the closest alignment since the year 1623 – nearly 400 years ago.


Why is this relevant to us? The view held by some is that the energy shift taking place in the atmosphere, especially in the build-up to the winter solstice, will create higher frequencies that will influence humanity.


In particular, under this grand conjunction, there is also a belief held by many, myself included,  that we will see a shift towards more community-based living, rather than looking to governments or big businesses for support while people turn to smaller organisations as they look to thrive collectively.


This planetary turning point is thought to allow us to keep our vibrations high by learning how to be true to ourselves rather than attempting to be positive all the time. To read the whole article on this fascinating subject click the link –


If you would like a visual representation of what is explained in the link above, watch the video below


This you may notice ties in with what I have been saying all year since January when in a state of Super Consciousness I received a message from a member of our community (a very intuitive lady) who shared a dream that she had about me the previous night (no not that kind of a dream lol) my interpretation of the dream was that 2020 was going to be a turbulent  year and we needed to protect our mental state so as to not be thrown off course. As a direct result, I supported by my team, immediately set about staging 2 events during February in association with Middlesex University.


The first, a workshop based on learning how to create your future. The second a conference on how to do what we call a MINDreSET, something that was to be forced on everyone all over the country just a few weeks later.


Some of those who attended have had their best year in a decade.


As this year draws to a close rather than being depressed as a result of the negative messages in the media and all around us I ask that you do what you must to keep your spirits high starting from today and all the way through to the end of January.


For now focus on creating new visions and possibilities for your life in this new exciting era, because this actually does offer exciting opportunities for those who can reset their MIND.


In the New Year I’ll show you how with this new MINDSET you can set big intentions (not goal setting).


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to what has been the best year ever, across each of the 5 success pillars as well as in my business. Whether you have taken one of our courses or simply subscribed and regularly read our newsletters YOU are the reason we do what we do and we love what we do.


You have played a part in our growth and journey during 2020. This year over £100,000 was invested into the lives of over 150 people and we plan to exceed this in 2021. 


Till the New Year I would like to wish you the very best over the festive season and let us use conscious awareness to set our visions and goals for a prosperous new 2021



If you would like to experience the vibes within our Soul Family join our R.I.C.H membership on a 1 month trial, you won’t regret it. We have a few places remaining for founding membership status with special privileges. Visit


Forthcoming Events

Friday MINDreSET January 2021 @ 8pm
Focus Success Pillar – SPIRIT

Friday 8th – Visions Vs Goals
Friday 15th – The Power Of Fasting
Friday 22nd – Taking Action On Your Visions
Friday 29th The New Era Of Spirituality
(Special Guest Bro Ishmael Tetteh)


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Mastermind Groups In 2021

In January 2021 I will be running a series of Mastermind groups over a six month period in the following areas:

  • Mastermind group with a focus on Personal Growth 
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Business Growth
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Relationships for singles and couples (in partnership with Genevieve)
  • Mastermind group with a focus on Relationship within the workplace including between different ethnic groups (in partnership with Genevieve)

If you would like to supercharge your 2021 register your interest for any of these areas by clicking the link and completing the form to receive further information –

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