We are living in a New Era with New Rules and
Infinite Possibilities that people are slowly waking up to.


To understand this vision and mission fully, listen to this impromptu performance of a song I wrote almost 40 years ago, which little did I know at the time encapsulates my Soul Cry.

In UNITY Is Strength | The WHY Factor

You see, for the last 30 years I have been in the business of investing in people and I have found that the best way to get the best return on any investment is to first invest in the person’s mind through raising their level of “Conscious Awareness”.

Simply put, “Conscious Awareness” is “the degree to which you are Consciously Aware of yourself and what surrounds you”.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until someone shows you what’s possible” 

If you have some degree of “Conscious Awareness” you’ll be open to new ideas and see new possibilities and as a result able to take action to explore these.

If you have very limited “Conscious Awareness” (to some degree you are Unconscious) you will be closed (blind) to New ideas and based on “Universal Spiritual Law” won’t even see the possibilities let alone have the opportunity to explore them.

For 20 years through my not-for-profit set up, working with some of society’s most marginalised, disadvantaged young people I saw lives literally transformed through this process with some young people going from school dropouts and unemployment to getting an education, others a degree, becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business.  Some discovered their passion, developed it and made money from it, lots of money. Probably the most famous being the group JLS who went on to become a household name in the UK and worth a collective £20 million.

UFO | Before They Became JLS

Sodexo became our corporate sponsor along with NatWest bank (our hosts) at our annual GPS Inspirational Awards 2016. Within 6 months Neil experienced a new level of growth leaving Sodexo to become JLL’s Global CEO, Corporate Solutions.


A reminder that we are planning an exclusive event for no more than 30 people to spend the day with me and my Spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh (who has just flown in from Ghana) on Saturday 18th June as we learn together through a workshop on his book ‘Possibility Living‘, an intimate Q&A, share, network and dine at a private location complete with a Sky Garden in South London.

Sky Garden Location

Only 30 tickets available 
Click The Headings Below For Event Details & To Purchase Your Ticket(s)

Workshop: Includes Lunch
£179.99 + VAT

VIP : Includes Lunch and Dinner plus Q&A with Tony Dada and Bro Ishmael
£229.99 + VAT

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